Preliminary schedule - full conference program (technical and professional) will be announced soon
Day 1
13 Jul 2016
Day 2
14 Jul 2016
Day 3
15 Jul 2016

Technology Check for a Spaceborne Gravitational Wave Detector
(invited speaker)

The Evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (eLISA), previously called the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), is a proposed European Space Agency (ESA) mission designed to detect and accurately measure gravitational...
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Davor Mance

Making the IoT ready to be large scale deployed: device management and intelligence distribution

The IoT is reaching the expected maturity in the market. The last years very important disruption have happened around Internet connectivity with the introduction of 6LoWPAN, M2M, NB-IoT and Ultra...
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Antonio Jara

Challenges and Trends on Mobile Health Technologies
(keynote speaker)

This keynote presentation will focus on a new hot topic on e-health technologies considering mobility environments and mobile technologies: Mobile Health. Information and communication technologies have rapidly grown in the...
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Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues

Smart Energy Systems
(keynote speaker)

Transition of energy systems to energy sources with lower environmental impact is becoming more attractive with fall of investment costs of renewables and volatile prices and political insecurity of fossil...
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Neven Duić

Energy renovation of buildings in Croatia: Reaching EU targets, issues and upcoming challenges!
(Round-Table Discussion)

Summary: It is well known that buildings are responsible for large share of the primary energy consumption as well as also harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Current EU legislative related to...
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Tea Žakula

e-Health in Croatia: Where are we, and where we want to be?
(Round Table Discussion)

Round table moderator: Andrea Budin This Round Table discussion will gather physicians familiar with e-Health services to hear their opinion on the quality and needs of available e-Health services that...
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Andrea Budin

Monitoring of photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) Power Plants (Invited Speaker)

There are many reasons to monitor solar installations, such as: following up on the energy yield, assessing the solar system performance and timely identifying design weaknesses and/or malfunctions. These needs...
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Giuseppe Marco Tina

Various Aspects of Interaction of Humans with Electromagnetics Fields

Paper presentation: Integral Equation Models in Some Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields; Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), Nerve fiber stimulation Dragan Poljak, Mario Cvetković, Vicko Doric, Ivana Zulim, Zoran Đogaš, and...
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Dragan Poljak
Mario Cvetković
Maja Rogić Vidaković
Jens Haueisen
Valerio De Santis

Smart City: Concepts, Realization and Experiences
(Round-Table Discussion)

Round table moderator: Toni Perković Every city presents a unique system in which various actors from the city government to public utility companies and citizens are taking number of activities,...
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Toni Perković

Zero Energy Buildings in another background: Achieving energy efficiency in warm and humid climatic conditions
(Invited Speaker)

The implementation of energy efficiency measures as well as the integration of renewable energy systems, on the move towards the Zero (or Nearly Zero) Energy Building is certainly a challenging...
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Agis M. Papadopoulos